Dr. Angelika Christie is a Champion for Women’s Empowerment for over 25 years.

Her Core Philosophy:

Women are the Pillars of a New Consciousness and Must Lead the Way.

And Heroic Self Love is the unrealized Key to Happiness, Freedom & Prosperity.

She changes lives with her unique and highly successful programs, “Prosper on Purpose”, “Prosper in Love and Relationships”, “Heroic Self Love”, and “Kick-Ass Happiness” for Women who are not done yet, and “The 7 C’s to Outstanding Success”

Angelika holds “One Day/Weekend VIP” Deep-Dive Coaching, and 3-Day exotic Retreats in the Bahamas.

As a Trendsetter in Personal Development, as a Coach and Mentor, Angelika has been honored with Awards of Excellence in Leadership, Speaking and Life Transformation. Angelika is a forward-thinking, in-the-know rulebreaker for new and better outcomes.

Angelika is a dynamic Transformational Speaker on international stages, including Harvard Business School Faculty Club and the Leadership Speaker’s Event at West Point Academy, Harvard Club of Boston, Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall.

Angelika is also a Top Show Host with Big Media USA.

She is a Successful Businesswoman and a native German who moved to the Bahamas in 1979, and still lives in Freeport, Bahamas with her husband, Brenford. She is the mother of 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren.

Angelika is the Author of the book: “Your Intelligent Cell” Intrinsic Relationship with your Body, Unmasked Resolving Your Fear of Aging and co-authored 5 other international Bestsellers.

Her 2 new books are: “How to Revive Your Relationship of Leave Without Regret” and “The Breakthrough”.

Invitation From Our Guest

There are critical steps that assure true and lasting success.

Through decades of study an application Angelika created, and now shares with you “The 7 C’s Blueprint to Outrageous Success”.

Part of the special gift is also the invitation to uplevel your relationships; starting with the relationship you have with yourself: