Peggy O’Neal has been coaching leaders in multi-national organizations throughout the world for more than 35 years after practicing law for 12, is a Certified Integral Master Coach, and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas.

She is the author of two chapters in the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation, the first book on cutting-edge theory and practice on small- and large-scale transformation.

Peggy was an Assistant Attorney General and Arkansas State Purchasing Director for Bill Clinton when he was Attorney General and Governor, respectively, and served in President Clinton’s administration in the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Her current work integrates the great wisdom teachings and corresponding science so that people can see beyond the illusion of separation (which is what limits us) and free themselves to experience clarity, authenticity, peace, creativity, and flow in all aspects of their life and work, what she calls Wisdomary Leading.

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