Ely Delaney is your Automated Systems Strategist and is also known as “The People Whisperer”.

He’s the co-founder of Purple Knight Marketing, teaching entrepreneurs how to go from surviving to thriving in any economy through the art and science of building strong relationships and following up for LIFE.

He’s an Amazon bestseller with his two books “Marketing Tidbits” and “Networking Tidbits”

With a passion for connecting people, his best-selling training course “Networking Like A Rockstar” has over 1350 students registered globally. Ely helps speakers, authors, and coaches automate their follow-up to grow their business without having to have an MBA from MIT.

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Learn Exactly How Ely Meets Cool People & Tursn Those People Into Raving Fans, Referral Partners & Loyal Clients that Stay For Decades!