James PM Gaffney, aka Uncle Jimbo™, comes today to give you a choice.

Some would call it an ultimatum, but it is not intended as such.

You can choose to live in your drab, boring, confusing brands – and suffer lower conversion rates, lower retention, and lower profits.

This way, good Earthlings, leads to a slow demise.

Everything becomes harder and more expensive.

This should not be your choice!

This is the choice of the old.

This is the choice of failure.

This is not what generations past have fought for!

No, no, no.

This is not your choice!

This is not OUR choice!

You choose to enter into a golden dawn of your brand working FOR you!

A land where more and more people become your apostles and evangelists!

A place where everything you do – every word you speak, every piece of propaganda you put out – is easier and more effective!

This, third-rockers, is your choice!

The ONLY choice!

Unless you want Uncle Jimbo™ to just destroy the Earth and be done with it… your call.

So, my friends!

Are you with Uncle Jimbo™?

Are you ready to seize the recognition you deserve?

Are you ready for a willing army of acolytes to do your bidding and spread your message while you sleep?

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