Kay Suthar has made it her life goal to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, groups, and businesses in order to maximise their potential and expedite their success by assisting in achieving their goals and improving their performance through various business strategies.

She has been helping people in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Leadership as well as planning, creating and executing profitable events, mindset, and life-work balance.

Now as a Business Strategist, Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Kay Suthar was born and raised in London, UK. She also served with distinction as a Police Officer for several years before joining politics and becoming a Campaign Manager with the Liberal Democrat Party.

Kay transitioned from having several health issues at one time to closing sales, streamlining businesses, and managing their finances to hit monthly targets before embarking on her own. Now she is running her very own business, coaching and training others.

By implementing a CEO attitude and opportunistic view in all of life’s situations, she is able to help others find their true potential and achieve goals they never believed possible!

So successful are her methods that in 2016, Kay received a letter from the Queen of England advising her that her book had been specially selected to be placed in the Private Royal Library.

Furthermore, she was presented with an award for “The Authority in Inspirational Journey to Success” at her book launch in Toronto, Canada for her outstanding contribution.

Soon after this then led to Kay being interviewed on TV in New York, where she was featured on MNN, Roku Channels, Footprint TV, Amazon Fire TV, Huffington Post, and iTunes.

She was also approached by magazine editors from One Tribe Magazine who are one of the best personal growth magazine resources.

Kay has been involved in an amazing charity called Bali Wise which is located in Indonesia, where she also lived for 2 years.

The charity empowers women through skills and education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

Her role is to use her teachings to transform the women from being traditional housewives into growing and monetising their skills to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

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