Linda Stirling’s heart is in helping every writer she works with achieve his or her dreams.

She helped author Lorena Angell take her series to an average of 60 sales per day from its previous 6 per day; sell her work in 47 countries; and rank alongside authors such as Stephen King, and George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones success. She also got the series optioned for film and television.

The 13-year-old nonfiction work of author Stephanie Frank (The Accidental Millionaire), went from relatively obscurity to become an international bestselling success under Stirling’s tutelage.

Her publishing house, The Publishing Circle, is described as “embracing a new paradigm in publishing” because it gives writers visibility, so they can entertain, motivate, educate, or inspire others.

Much higher royalties, non-stop book marketing, and author collaboration are among the distinct differences authors in The Publishing Circle enjoy.

Linda works with writers to help them create long-term, life-affecting income from their books and the opportunities that can arise from being an author.

Stirling’s background includes managing major metropolitan newspapers and magazines, running three publishing companies, and raising millions of dollars in sponsorships.

As a speaker, she has shared the platform with notables such as Guy Kawasaki, Jeneth Blackert, Colin Tipping, and Harrison Klein and has addressed several Fortune 500 companies.

She is an international bestselling author of 55 books, sold both under her name and pseudonyms.

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