Michelle Faust is the founder of Lemonade legend, a company offering both print and media exposure through her anthology series, digital magazine, a publishing house, podcast and virtual stages, and a producer of two TV shows.

Her ideal client is women who have lemonade stories to share and need a platform that shines the spotlight on them.

The inception of The Lemonade Stand started with her own self-realization that she had a story herself of learning how to acquire a fearless attitude due to having a severe hearing loss which had impacted her own self-worth and created limiting beliefs.

Her story is full of vulnerability, courage, and learning how to cope in a world which values perfection by developing her alternative strengths.

Her mission is to create the largest storytelling distribution network in the world, to give people a voice, share their stories, and elevate them above the conventional noise.
She connects people with their stories and their stories with the world.

There is power in storytelling, and her platforms celebrate the voice of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have tackled lemons and created amazing versions of lemonade opportunities.

Her network features individuals who have a powerful vision that is stronger than their fear.

She provides extensive media exposure to brand their strength and courage.

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A membership program where individuals can craft their stories for publication. The membership includes workshops, webinars, and a master class with business leaders around the world: