Tracy St. Croi launched her first best selling book 7 Tips & Tricks to Enhance your Intuition, A Practical Guide to Knowing, Loving and Trusting your Intuition in Spring 2020 to 5 & 4 star reviews on Amazon.

She is an Afterlife Connection Specialist & Intuitive. She provides life-changing experiences by connecting deceased loved one to friends and family to achieve peace and closure.

Tracy received her training from the world renowned Arthur Findlay College Of Psychic Sciences in UK and its sister school The Journey Within in New Jersey.

She is also a mentor in Colette Baron-Reids esteemed Oracle School to students who are just beginning to explore their intuitive gifts.

Tracy’s life has been anything but traditional; what she has learned is how to blend her intuitive gifts with practical business & bring peace to those who have lost loved ones.

She wants to dare you to question your intuition, connecting with Spirit & how it is present in your life, and states “your intuition is like a hidden app we all have, you just need to know how to work your personal settings to tune in”.

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Intuitive Intelligence, we all have and Tracy is the expert to assist you to utilize your’s and create the desired, inspired and successful life you deserve:

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